With the wedding just over a month away and only 4 weekends to actually be able to work on projects I tackled one of my bigger projects last weekend. I saw this idea on Pinterest months ago when I started my wedding board that continued to grow beyond what was possibly manageable. I finally narrowed down all the projects I for sure wanted to do and I knew I had to do this one. What I saw was only for the heart but I decided to add on the C and R respectively for Chase and Rosemary. I chose to use gold string for the letters because I only just recently picked my other accent color of deep plum.  The gold really pops on the brown boards. I love how these turned out! I’m actually going to make another much larger one to use for the backdrop of the ceremony.  I’ll post pictures after the wedding, promise!

DIY String Letters

What you need:

3 square sheets of plywood – the bigger the better
1 can spray paint
1-2 boxes on 2 inch nails with a large flat head
Overhead projector or extra large craft paper

  1. Spray paint your wood pieces with your desired color.
  2. Print stencils on the shapes/letters you want to have on each board.
  3. Cut out the shapes and place one at a time on an overhead projector and project onto the board using a pencil to outline the image.
  4. OR…Draw your letter/shape onto a large piece of paper and place on the board as done here.
  5. Hammer in the nails about 1 inch apart and if using tear away the paper.
  6. Tie the end of the string around the head of one nail to secure and begin stinging from nail to nail in desired pattern.
  7. Outline the shape/letter by looping the string along the outside edge on the shape.
  8. Cut string and secure with a knot around a nail head.